Narrative Text Legend: The Story of BauNyale in Lombok

Last week, we have the legend of dragon's daughter to learn narrative story. Today we give you another example of narrative text. That is the legend story of BauNyale in Lombok. Do you know Lombok? Yes, it is one of famous places with beautiful tourism objects in Indonesia.

Besides of  the popularity of Lombok, there is a legend story which will enlarge our perspective about Lombok. Legend like other traditional story of folktales which exists for a long time among society, has formed certain value. Here is the legend story for learning English text in high schools !

The Story of BauNyale in Lombok as  Narrative Text Legend
Once upon a time, in Lombok, there was a kingdom named Kuripan that was led by a wise king. The princess or the daughter of the king was so beautiful. Her name was Princess Mandalika. There were many princes wanted to marry Mandalika. However, the king was confused because too many princes came and proposed. Because of that reason, the king held an arrow competition. He promised that the winner had the chance to marry with his beloved daughter.

Just like expected, on the competition day, many princes came and participated. They had a good skill on arrow, so all of them were perfectly hit the target. The king became more confuse. Because there was no clear decision, the princes started to fight each other. Princess Mandalika was desperate. The beautiful princess did want to find anyone got killed. So, she then decided to go to the beach. She cried and thrown her body into the deep sea.

The beach where princess Mandalika killed herself is in southern Lombok. Up to today, in February or March, people who live near the sea celebrate the moment. On that day, there are thousands of seas worms appear to the surface. People call the worms as Nyale. They believe that the worms are the incarnation of princess Mandalika. The celebration is called “BauNyale”.

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