3 Kinds of Writing Essay

There are several kinds of essay which are written in books, news paper, magazine, journal, academic paper. However to make it simple we can categorize those several kinds into smaller ones. They are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and argumentative. Now we are going to talk text types into detail

1. Narrative Essay Writing is a narrative essay that presents a series of events that are usually arranged in chronological order. Which is narration includes short stories, novels, romance, travel stories, Biographies, Autobiographies. Traits / characteristics of a narrative essay. Presenting a series of news or events b. Presented in chronological order as well as to support an event beginning to end c. Showing Offender event or events d. Background (setting) is Described as a lively and detailed

2. Description Description Authorship Authorship is the essay that describes or depicts something as if the reader see, hear, feel, experience it for yourself. Traits / characteristics of a bouquet of description. Depicts or describes a particular object b. Aiming to create the impression or experience to the reader so as though they see, feel, experience or hear, itself an object Described c. The nature of his literary objective as always take a Certain objects, the which can be a place, people, and things are personified d. Writing can employ a method or methods of realistic (objective), Impressionistic (subjective), or the attitude of the author 3. Authorship Authorship exposition The exposition is a form of composition roomates is explained, provide information, explain, give information cleary on a matter. Traits / characteristics of a bouquet of exposition. Explaining information so readers know b. Stating something that actually happened (factual data) c. There is no element of influence or impose the will d. Show Objectively analysis or interpretation of the facts e. Shows an incident or something about the work process

4. Persuasion is an authority invention whose aim is to persuade the reader to want to follow the will or the idea of ​​the author, accompanied by reasons of evidence and concrete examples.

5. Essay Writing Argument essay argument is that it aims to convince or influence the reader to a problem with the reasons, evidence and concrete examples. Traits / characteristics of a Argument essay. Trying to convince readers of the truth of the idea of ​​the author so that the truth was Recognized by readers b. Proof comes with the data, facts, charts, tables, pictures c. In the author's argument seeks to change attitudes, opinions or views reader d. In proving something, the authors avoid emotional involvement and distanced subjectivity e. Validating the opinion of the authors, we can use a variety of patterns of evidence
For more discussion on essay classification, there are a blog which talk detail text genres into several catgries. Go to http://texttypes.blogspot.com/

How to learn English Quickly

Many people are desperate when learning any language. It's not because it's difficult, it's just that they don't know how to learn the language, especially the language of United Kingdom quickly. Here will be discussing the problem.

We would often wonder why children seem to be able to catch United Kingdom language faster than older people. This is why, children do not have a sense of fear and anxiety that has always plagued the adult language learning in the United Kingdom. In contrast to adults, children have no fear of wrong in learning. The greatest barrier for most United Kingdom language learner is fear of failure. They worry that they won't be able to say the words in the right way or that they will make mistakes and other people will make fun of them. As with any study, the practice is very important in learning English. You have to practice as much as possible and learn from your mistakes.

If you take a class to help you learn English, there are many additional other resources that you can use to learn the language quickly. There are many sites on the internet that offer language classes United Kingdom, accompanied by worksheets and practice exercises. If possible, ask for help on a friend who is adept at speaking in United Kingdom for training. One of the best and fastest way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the United Kingdom. If you study in a Country whose main language is English, you should try to watch a comedy show or listen to the radio comedy as much as possible. You will learn quickly, with a very pleasant way. In addition, one of the best you can do is stay around people who speak in United Kingdom.

Another way is to Take notes, read and listen to the music of the United Kingdom speaking. Talk as much as you can! Your language skills will quickly develop. In addition, the style of thinking you'll start to think in English. As we mentioned before, the United Kingdom and TV watching a movie is a great way to learn a language. If your television is equipped with the translations, you can watch the program in your language and read the words in English under the screen. Unwitting in Your language proficiency will increase dramatically.

Another way to learn grammar and vocabulary is watching educational programs for children, or the use of books about language learning from the United Kingdom base, because usually the books that come with pictures that illustrate the words. Thus, your learning will be more enjoyable. Listen to music United Kingdom is a quick way to learn a language, listen to it as often as you can. You can try by way of reading in the language of United Kingdom, record your talks and then listen to your greeting. Then when you play the recording back, you can see where you need to improve. By taking the above measures will make it easier and faster to learn English.

How to learn to speak English quickly
Many people are learning English in various ways to learn the self-taught to join the course. But they themselves wonder why hard pressed to speak English though have mastered the material. There is nothing wrong with learning a self-taught or take a course. They just don't know how to learn to speak English quickly. There are 4 rules so you can speak the language effectively and efficiently United Kingdom

1. Don't study grammar too much
It may sound strange to most students, but it is one of the most important rules. If you want to pass the exam, learn grammar. However, if you want to become fluent in English, then you should try to learn English without learning grammar. Learn grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. You would think about when creating the rule sentence. Remember that only a fraction of the original United Kingdom language speakers who only know 20% of all the rules of grammar.

2. Learn sentence
Studies show that many students learn vocabulary and try to put a lot of words to create the correct sentence. But from the results obtained, they were not able to make the sentence correctly. This is very surprising. They know a lot of vocabulary but can't make a sentence correctly. The reason is because they do not learn the sentence. If you know 1000 words, you may not be able to say one sentence properly. But if you know the 1 sentence, you can create hundreds of sentences correctly. Simple, 1 sentence that you change the subject, predicate, or object. If you know 100 sentences, you will be well

3. Immerse yourself
Able to speak the language is not related to how clever you are. Anyone can learn how to speak any language. It is a fact that has been proven by all people in the world. Each person can speak at least one language. It doesn't matter if he's smart or not. The most determining way is drown yourself in the atmosphere of the language. Many people can speak United Kingdom well when people learn at school speaking in United Kingdom. But you need to know, they can speak English not because they go to school which speaking English, but because they have an environment where they could be in the United Kingdom-speaking people around constantly.

There are also some people who studied abroad but few could speak English. That's because they go to school, but found United Kingdom-speaking friends from their own country and don't practice English. Immerse yourself in English and you will learn several times faster.

These are rules that will help you achieve the goal of speaking the language of United Kingdom quickly and smoothly. All you need to do is 1). Don't study grammar too much, 2). Learn sentences, 3). Immerse yourself

How to readEnglish quickly
Reading is the most basic capability of a scantily trained by Indonesia. They prefer to listen or speak. No wonder many children complained of difficulty answering material readings in United Kingdom language exam. Many of those who might be able to read it fluently but few know what the meaning of the readings. The essence of the reading is understanding what is read.
Reading comprehension is the process of making meaning from written text. Typically, children may have trouble understanding because of limited vocabulary and/or lack of familiarity with the subject matter. Both of these barriers can be overcome by reading more broadly. Comprehension skills also can be acquired through practice, and here are a few strategies read United Kingdom quickly which can be used to guide your child.

1. Think hard
Good readers think when they're reading. They utilize their personal experience and knowledge, language skills and strategies in order to understand what they read. By thinking hard the reader not just read but also know what he read. For parents should accompany his son when reading. Thus you are able to train himself to recognize what he does not understand, identify difficulties.
After you have read each paragraph you can tell her to try to paraphrase in his own words. If you find difficulty in a particular word or idiom, suggest to jump to other sections to obtain information that may help him. Remember that the meaning of difficult predictably by looking at the context of the sentence.
Ask & Answered Questions
The submission of questions to your child about the story or the readings will help involve the process of pemfokusan attention, reading comprehension and intellectual. Can ask basic questions such as who, what, where, when, why and how. The part that is about what? Where these events occurred? Why do they happen? Who are the people involved? And so on. You may also want to ask open questions, which require your child to express personal opinions and take advantage of his own experience.

2. Avoid Dictionary
Do not use a dictionary might sound strange to our ears. And then, what if your child finds difficult words? To overcome that try to guess the meaning of train by way of reading the context sentences you read. For starters you can sent your children to mark the words in pencil and after that your child can check with dikamus when you are finished reading. Read by using the dictionary will be very difficult. Readers will not focus on the content of the readings, even often forget which line the last read. In addition read the dictionary will take that very much.
That's some way exercises in order to be able to read English quickly. To remember is 1). While reading, thinking about the content of the readings, 2). Ask and answer questions to practice reading comprehension, and 3). Avoid Dictionary so that reading more efficient

The easy way to learn English
Learn grammar became the scourge of its own. Not only for the study of foreign languages, even learning the language itself. Some people argue that learning the grammar to be tough because a lot of things to keep in mind. Thus learning grammar is not difficult and exciting impressed. If they know what to do in learning grammar, they will be aware that study it is not as difficult as imagined. The following will be spelled out the easy way to learn English
Grammar elements are categorized into several themes. Select one grammatical concept for each lesson. For example, one lesson can be dedicated to learning verbs, while others can be dedicated to learn the adjectives, and others can be dedicated to studying the subject. By doing so,  you will be more focus in learning. Though you need to continue to study various aspects of the grammar of the United Kingdom, one of the best ways to overcome challenges is to focus on one challenge at a time. For example, if you are having trouble saying verbs in the past tense, focus on the grammar properly all day. If you don't know how to put certain verbs into the past tense, focus to train it. After some time, you'll master the grammar difficulties and can move on to the next challenge with other grammar issues.
Remember the basics with AIDS funny. For example, the FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So) is the coordinating conjunction. Thus learning English not only be fun but also become easier to do.

Pictures Learning Narrative Structure

Mostly learning is trough written materials. When we learn English narrative text, we also read some written materials which discussed the definition, generic structure, language feature, and the moral value suggested.

Here we now learn English narrative text structure through 5 media of images to show you how easy to get better understading on the structure of narrative stories.

The first image is the story of Snow White. How is the structure of the story? Why can we label that story as narrative? See the explanation below through picture !

 The second picture is about the story of pursing Gold. To get better understanding on that story and the schematic structure, see the picture below!

The third image is the structure of a famous story "drower's wife" labeled as a narrative text. Here, we can see  the concise explanation through the image below!

Who never heard the story of Romeo and Juliet? I doubt it. Most of us hear or see the visual story of that romantic but tragic love story. The explanation on the structure is diagrammed below!

The last picture is the story from Taipei. It is about a fortune teller. How that story organized in narrative schematic structure? The image below explained.

For more lesson about the structure of story, see some examples of narrative text. They are given thoroughly from the structure analysis to the translation from the English text.

English Text To Arabic Text

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