Narrative Text Legend: The Legend of Bali Strait

A legend is a story about something big in human history with tale qualities. A legend could be a true story or something with uncertainty. Sometime, it is included miracles and myth.  As  we said many time that narrative story can be in the form of  fable, legend, fairy tales, myth, folktale, and many other story among our society

The Legend of Bali Strait- Short narrative Text
Long time ago in Daha Kingdom, lived a great Brahma named Sidi Mantra. He had a son named Manik Angkeran who fell in big debt due to gamble. Sidi Mantra knew about treasure in Agung Mountain that safeguarded by Besukih Dragon.  With bell in his hand, Sidi Mantra recited a spell to call the dragon. Once the dragon came out, Sidi Mantra asked for help. The dragon agreed to gave him gold.

Manik Angkeran so happy to see the gold but greed made him want more. He stole his father bell and go to Agung Mountain to meet the dragon himself. After the dragon gave him gold, he became greedier and cut the tail of the dragon to get more. The dragon got angry and burnt him to death.

Sidi Mantra felt so sad and ask the dragon to bring his son back to life. The dragon agreed as long as he could get tail back. With his power, Sidi Mantra got the dragon’s tail back and Manik Angkeran alive.

Although Manik Angkeran felt sorry, Sidi Mantra knew they could not live together again. He put a stick on the ground between him and his son. Suddenly, water came out from the ground and became strait, which separate Bali Island and Java Island.

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