Narrative Text Legend: Animals Appearance

Again we continue learning English narrative text. After giving you some fable stories, it is the time to learn other forms of narrative, legend story. Do you know what is legend? Yes, many students answer that a legend is a story which has a relation to a place, thing, or an object. Though the story is debatable in the truth of the content, it keeps the the richness of certain society culture.

Story Behind How Animals Got Their Appearance - Narrative Text Legend
Long time ago, animals were very different from how they appear today. Some animals were taller, some were thinner and some even had more legs than they have today. However, everything was boring and peaceful at the time until a red dragon saying that the world is going to end. Lion and chicken who had ever heard such issue before disbelieved.

The red dragon convinced both animals and said that the world is coming to an end within few days. Other animals who heard the issue asked the dragon where he found the information. Red dragon said that he had been told by a witch that the world is too old and would going to an end.

A rhino then asked to the dragon about what shall they do next. Red dragon said that all animals should climb onto his back and he would bring them fly to another world. All animals rushed to get on the red dragon’s back, except the lion. He said that he is a king and he never frightened of anything. He decided to stay.

The red dragon then flapped both wings and flew into the sky. Some animals felt uncomfortable because they never fly before. The animals started to fight each other. Because there were too many movements on his back, the flight was unstable and finally all of them fell down from the sky. Some animals landed with their face, some were with their body and some other landed with their tail first. All of them were injured and got different appearance like what we saw today.

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