Recount Text: Biography of Bung Hatta

Biography is a life-story about a person in detail description. Biography consists of basic facts such as date of birth, education, and death as well as experiences and sometime personality analysis of the person. Usually, the person is famous or very important person because many people want to know the detail life story of the person. Biography written by the person himself or herself is called autobiography. Below is the example of short biography of very important person in Indonesia.

Learning recount text can be about personal experiences like you first impression when you go to school, delivering your first presentation, and having the first day in the job. Additionally, besides personal experiences, the topic of recount text can be about recounting a famous person's life. That is a short biography. It is what we are giving you today.

Biography of Bung Hatta as example of Recount Text
Bung Hatta is one of “The Proclamators” of Indonesia Independence. Born with full name Mohammad Hatta on 12 August 1902 at Fort de Kock, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, and Bung Hatta played important roles in Indonesian strive for Independence. He is well-educated person that strive not with physical power but used intelligent instead.

After the independence day of Indonesia, Mohammad Hatta became the first vice president of the country and became prime minister later on. He continued to build the country with his efforts and thoughts.

Bung Hatta died at the age 77 on 14 March 1980 at Jakarta, Indonesia. He was buried at Tanah Kusir public cemetery at Jakarta. To honor his name and Soekarno as the independence proclamators, Indonesia’s biggest airport at Cengkareng is named Soekarno-Hatta.

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