Recount Text: Biography of Biography of Walt Disney

Last week we have recount text about President Soekarno. We have also given you short biography of Dewi Sartika for learning English recount text. Now this biography of Walt Disney is another best text sample to understand what and how a recount text is. Here is the whole text!

Biography of Biography of Walt Disney as Example of Recount Text
Walt Disney was born with the name Walter Elias Disney on December 5th, 1901 at Chicagos Hermosa Community Area. His father was Elias Charles Disney and his mother was Flora Call Disney. Walt Disney was Irish-Canadian descendant from his father and German-English descendant from his mother.

Walt Disney is well known as co-founder of The Walt Disney Company and as cultural icon that hardly matched by others. He was the animator who created Mickey Mouse and many others Disney famous characters. He was also successful film producer, voice actor, and entrepreneur. His voice acting works were including the original voice of Mickey Mouse. Disneyland and Disney resort were started from his innovation.

Walt Disney was very influential person in entertainment industry, especially Hollywood animation industry. His works in American animation and entertainment industry brought him 59 nominations in Academy Awards that he won 22 of them and 4 honorary Academy Awards. He also won 7 Emmy Awards and much more awards.

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 in Burbank, California after long fight with lung cancer, leaving myriad legacy. Many of his legacies are still remembered and enjoyed by people, including hundreds of animated films, theme parks, animation studio, and the company. Cal Arts (California Institute of the Arts) is also the legacy of Walt Disney.

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