Recount Text: Biography of Sukarno, Indonesian First President

Learning English recount text can be about recounting personal experiences and short biography of famous persons. That's it is we are learning today. President Soekarno is considered as a great man in the world. Do you know how did he struggle for Indonesia independence? Here is his short biography for learning English text!

Biography of Sukarno, Indonesian First President as Example of Recount Text
Sukarno was the first president of Indonesia. He was born in 6 June 1901 and died in 21 June 1970. He led his country to fight against Netherlands and the man who proclaimed the independence. Sukarno was a prominent leader of nationalist movement during the colonial period. He spent more than a decade under the detention before released by the Japanese force.

Ir. Sukarno and all his nationalist fellows collaborated to collect support in spreading nationalist ideas. When Japan surrender the Indonesian independence was declared by Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta on 17 August 1945. At the same time, Sukarno was appointed as the president and Mohammad Hatta as vice president. After became president, Sukarno had to fight once again against resisting Dutch re-colonization efforts.

After parliamentary democracy chaos in 1957, Sukarno put an autocratic system called Guided Democracy. It successfully ended the rebellions and instability which were threatening the country. In the early 1960s, Sukarno brought the country to the Soviet by giving protection and support to the Indonesian Communist Party. Unfortunately, the 30 September movement in 1965 ended the communist era and Sukarno’s position as president was replaced by Suharto, the man who became president for 32 years. After Suharto in charged, Sukarno was exiled to Bogor and spent the rest of his life there.

Note: Do you know that president Soekarno often wore kopya or peci, a black head cover? How it is look like, learn a descriptive text about peci. Hopefully you enjoy learning English text Online.

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