Recount Text: Biography of Leonardo da Vinci

Last week we have an example of recount text about biography of Dewi Sartika as Indonesian heroine. Now we give you an English recount text material about biography of famoust artist. That is Leonardo da Vinci. Do you know who is the famous painters in the world? May be Leonardo da Vinci is stated as one of them. Here is the short biography!

Short Biography of Leonardo da Vinci as Example of Recount Text
Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian polymath who was born in 15 April 1452 and died 2 may 1519. He was famous because of his interest on many areas, including architecture, sculpting, music, science, engineering, mathematics, anatomy, literature and many more. He is also the man who has been called as the father of iconology, architecture and paleontology. Some experts on aeronautic said that Leonardo da Vinci was the man who firstly put the foundation of helicopter, parachute and tank.

Many scholars and historians regard the Italian man as the prime exemplar of the Renaissance man, unquenchable curiosity, feverishly inventive imagination and Universal Genius. Leonardo da Vinci was educated in the studio belonged to Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence. Much of his life was spent in Milan to serve Ludovicoil Moro. Later, he them moved to Rome, Venice and Bologna and spent his last years in France.

Many people recognized Leonardo da Vinci as a great painter. Mona Lisa is the most popular portrait he made and maybe the most expensive art collection in the world. Besides creating portrait and invented many things, Leonardo also creating religious painting, the most famous is of course The Last Supper. There are no such genius artists in the world who can replace Leonardo da Vinci.

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