Short Example of Procedure Text: How to Cook Pasta

Learning English text types in high school cover genre, functional text, and speaking text for transactional and interpersonal conversation. Procedural text is one of genre in text types which is written intentionally to show the steps to completely do projects or things.

According to the generic structure, a procedure text is organized through sequenced arrangement, they are goal, equipment, and steps. All these elements, however, are not strictly applied to any instructional text. Some procedure text omit the material or equipment necessarily. Here is another sample to complete our collection of how to cook text.

Procedure Text: How to Cook Pasta
Boil some pasta, give some spaghetti sauce, then we will have the ideal meal for young adult. The way to boil pasta is very easy; we just need to follow these instructions below.

First, we need to fill a large pot with¾ full of cold water. Then, we have to turn the burner of the stove to “High” and place the pot on it. We need to wait until the water in the pot boil. Then, add a tablespoon of salt. More pasta means more salt. Take the pasta and put it on the boiling water and stir it around. Boil the water once again. Read the instructions on the package and cook the pasta as long as it is instructed. We have to stir the pasta sometimes so that it will not stick to each other.

To find out if the pasta is done, we can taste it at the earliest time instructed on the package. The texture should be tender but maybe still firm to the bite. When we still see a little ring of uncooked pasta, it means we have to wait for a minute or more before we remove it from the stove.

When it is done, remove from the stove and pour it into a colander in the sink. We need to shake any excess water. To prevent pasta from sticking, we can add a couple drops of olive oil.

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