Short Example of Procedure Text - How to Use GPS

GPS is a navigation system that uses satellites that are designed to be able to provide the instant position, velocity and time information in almost any place on Earth, at any time and in any weather conditions.

While the tools to receive satellite signals that can be used by users in General called a GPS Tracker or GPS Tracking, by using this tool it is possible the user can track the position of the vehicle, car or fleet in a State of Real Time.

3 important parts in a GPS system. The third part consists of: GPS Control Segment (part controls), the GPS Space Segment (space), and the GPS User Segment (the users).

We are now not talking much on the GPS but how to use that GPS as a procedure text for learning English. Here we go!
How to use GPS in your phone
1. Slide to the navigation tab on the home screen!
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to subscribe
3. After login on to the service, tap back to continue
4. Touch the icon that best describe what you want to do; Drive to, Search, Maps and traffic, or Share and more

Please, remember, most procedure texts are written in instructive mode so the sentence use are imperative sentences. Happy learning!

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