Procedure Text: How to Use Walkie-Talkie

This is a very rare example of procedure text. Most of text sample you get when search on the Internet is about how to use rice cooker, how to use washing machine, or how to use microwave.

Walkie-talkie is  a communicative device to connect people in distance. How to use it, learn from the sample below

How to Use Walkie-Talkie
Two-way radio transceivers or walkie-talkies have been used since World War II. Though Smartphone has come and brings more features, but walkie-talkie still exists and is commonly used for recreational, professional and as kid’s toy. Today’s walkie-talkies also bring some new features and designs, so it is better for us to know the new features and technology before we use it.

The first thing we need to consider is the purpose of the walkie-talkie is it for recreational use or intercom. By knowing the purpose, we will know what type of walkie-talkie we have to buy.

We also need to update ourselves on the new technologies offered by walkie-talkie. Some walkie-talkies have been given compass device, belt clips, holsters and even weather channels.

Consider about the distance we will cover with it. If we just want to use it in a close range, two miles model would be the best option. But, if we want to cover long range, we can choose the 5 mile.

It is better to communicate on a multi-user compatibility system. We can consider a high quality and versatile radio receiver if we want to communicate with many users.

It is important for us to learn about code and voice scrambler because usually users will use it for personalizing messages. Some products offer 14 channels with sub-channels that can be used for communicating with limited users who have the same sub-channels. Read the manual to understand how to operate the device and watch what we are saying because other people can hear what we say.

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