Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker to Steam Foods

Last week week, we have given you a text of how to operate a rice cooker for general purpose. Now it is specially written to use a rice cooker to steam food. Have you known it. Well if you have then please give additional comments to enrich this procedure text. Here is the text sample!

Rice cooker is commonly found in home equipments to cook rice. It can be used to steam foods. Inside the box, you will find steamer to place the food you want to steam. You can steam foods in two ways. First is together with rice cooking while the second is to steam it alone.

Steam Foods while Cooking Rice

•    You can steam foods while cooking rice but only for foods that will be well cooked in the same time with rice cooking for about half hour. To do it you need to follow the instruction below:
•    Prepare the foods you want to steam and prepare the rice as well.
•    Put the rice inside the pan and fill sufficient water.
•    Put the foods inside steamer and place the steamer on the pan properly.
•    Put the pan on the rice cooker body and close the lid.
•    Connect power cord to AC outlet, push the switch to cook, and wait until the rice cooked.
•    Open the lid and take the steamed foods out.

Steam Foods alone

1.    Prepare the foods and put it at the steamer.
2.    Boil water and pour it to the pan.
3.    Put the steamer on the pan.
4.    Put the pan on the rice cooking body and close the lid.
5.    Plug in power cord, switch on, and let it cook until the foods well steamed.

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