Procedure Text: How to Use Rice Cooker

We have show you how to operate an electrical oven for learning procedure text. Again, one of the electrical equipment is rice cooker. Have you know how to operate it? If you have, can you write the steps and tell your friends? Surely you can.

Rice cooker is very common kitchen appliance. However, it is important for you to know how to use it right so you can cook the rice deliciously and avoid trouble.

How to Use Rice Cooker
1.    Put your rice cooker in clean and dry place near AC outlet.
2.    Using measuring cup provided in the package, measure the rice you want to cook. Make sure you cook sufficient rice that meets capacity of the rice cooker. You can check it on the marking in the inner side of the pan. The marking is actually level indicator of water needed but it is also useful to know capacity of the pan. The smallest number is the minimum amount of rice and the highest number is the maximum amount.
3.    Wash your rice in separate bowl and drain it.
4.    Put the rice on the rice cooker pan.
5.    Add water as the water level indicator inside the pan.
6.    Dry out the outer side of the pan and place it inside the rice cooker body. Close the lid until hear “clicks” that show the lid locked properly.
7.    Plug the power cord to AC outlet and you will see the warm lamp indicator turn on.
8.    Press down the switch until the cook lamp turn on.
9.    Wait until the switch pop up and the lamp turn to warm.
10.    Wait for about 15 without opening the lid and your rice would be ready to serve.

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