Procedure Text: How to Make a Handkerchief

Again understanding text give you a very short example of procedure text how to make. Today the topic is how to make a beautiful handkerchief easily. Procedure text is an instruction set to make thing completely. Like our sample previously, how to make bottle rocket, this instructive text is written to show you the steps to make a handkerchief as well as material for learning English Online.

Procedure text about “how to make” is characterized by detail of the tools and materials required at the beginning of the text and continued by step-by-step procedure to make the thing. Sometime, the text is completed with note and tips. Below is the example of how to make text.

How to Make a Handkerchief


1.    Cotton fabric
2.    Scissors
3.    Sewing machine
4.    Thread in the same color of the fabric
5.    Needles

How to Make

•    Using scissors, cut the fabric into 20 cm x 20 cm (L x W)
•    Fold thinly the edge of the fabric twice and use needle to hold it.
•    Do the same thing with the other edges of the fabric. Pay attention to the corner and make sure it comes clean and uncluttered.
•    Prepare the sewing machine and put the thread.
•    Sew the edges of the fabric carefully.


1.    If you do not have sewing machine, you can stitch it using needle. However, be sure you do it carefully and evenly.
2.    It would be better if you add embroidery on the handkerchief to make it unique and different.
3.    You can use different type of fabric as long as the fabric has smooth surface and could absorb water.
4.    You can use thread in contrast color but ensure the color match the fabric.

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