Procedure Text: How to Make Decorative Planter in a Jar

understanding text - What is the easy way to identify an procedure text? Literally, it is easy. An example of procedure text always consists 3 elements in the writing structure. They are the goal, material and equipment, and set of steps. Shortly, if a text have those 3 element, then it must be a procedure text.

Like our sample about procedure text how to use GPS, the following direction is also written in imperative sentences. What I mean is you should have know well how to form imperative and prohibitive sentences to understand a procedure text in English. Here we give you another example of procedure text about how to make a thing.

Planter in a jar is a good decoration for your desk that brings freshness to the room. It is very easy to make and do not cost much.

Material Needed

1.    Glass Jar
2.    Spray Paint
3.    Fertilized Soil
4.    Small flower plant
5.    Small rocks or pebbles
6.    Water

How to Make It

•    Clean and dry the jar both inner and outer side.
•    Spray the paint in the outer side of the jar. You can paint it half height or overall surface. You can use one color or multi color, as you feel it better.
•    Sit the jar to let the paint dry completely.
•    Put soil into the jar until third quarter of the height.
•    Make a hole in the soil and plant your flower plant. Cover the root of your plant with soil and give a little push so the plant could stand.
•    Sprinkle water to moist the soil.
•    Put small rocks or pebble at the inner line of the jar. Do not cover all surfaces with rocks, just the edge and not the central part.
•    Your planter is ready.

Note: place your planter near window so the plant will get enough sunlight or you need to take the planter out in the morning for one hour or two to get sunlight.

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