Procedure Text: How to Make Bottle Rocket

This is an example of procedure text how to make  a bottle rocket. The text is like an instruction. It is written to show how to do thing completely. He re we go the short sample

Chemical reactions happened on everything we found in life. There are certain substances that can produce huge amounts of gas when mixed with other substances. The combination of substance that can produce gas can be used for giving a bottle rocket the power to fly. Creating a plastic bottle rocket is not hard. You just have to provide an acidic substance, such as concentrated lemon juice and alkaline substance, such as baking soda. When those two substances are combined, you will have enough gas to help the plastic bottle fly into the air.

There are some things you need to collect, which are:

1.    plastic bottle
2.    paper towel
3.    lemon juice
4.    baking soda
5.    cork
6.    rubber band
7.    string

Fill the plastic bottle with concentrated lemon juice halfway up. Take a sheet of paper towel and place it on the table. Put about 4 tablespoons of the baking soda in the middle of the paper towel. Pull up the sides of the paper towel into a pouch. Do not forget to wrap it with a rubber band to secure it. Tape the string onto the end of the cork. Put the bottle on the ground, slip the paper towel pouch into it and quickly put the cork into the bottle mouth. The baking soda will be released when the paper towel dissolves. The lemon juice inside the bottle will react with the baking soda. It produces gas that will pop the cork like a small rocket.

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