Procedure Text: How to Make Beaded Bracelet

Again understanding text gives you an example of procedure text. Our sample text today is about how to make a beaded bracelet. Do you know why such text sample is labelled as a procedure text in English genres? Well, such instructional composition is given to show how to make a thing completely.

To make clear, let see the following example of procedure text how to make a beaded bracelet beautifully. Remember, to understand such instructional text easily, you should have a good knowledge background on imperative sentences.  Here we go!

Beaded bracelets are back on trend. If you want to wear special bracelet, make it yourself. Here is how to make beaded bracelet yourself.

Materials and Tools Needed

1.    Beads (any color, any size, any shape you like)
2.    Jewelry nylon 13-14”
3.    2-pcs Double-cup bead tip
4.    2-pcs clasp
5.    1-pc jump ring
6.    1 bead needle
7.    Pliers
8.    Charms (optional)
9.    Extended chain (optional)

Step-by Step Instructions:

•    Measure your wrist and cut nylon string with about 1 and a half length needed. You need longer nylon for the knot.
•    Thread the string to the needle.
•    Add double-cup bead tip to one of the string’s ends, make double knot, and close the cup using pliers.
•    Thread the beads beautifully. You can add charms in the middle to make it more beautiful.
•    When you get it long enough, measure it on your wrist. Add more beads if it not enough and reduce if it too long.
•    Once you get the desired length, add double-cup bead tip at the end, make double not, and close it. Cut unwanted string.
•    Add clasp at one end and close it using pliers.
•    Add clasp at another end, add jump ring to the clasp, and close the clasp with pliers.

Note: If you want to use extended ring, you need to add it to each clasp before you close it.

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