Procedure Text: How to Make Artificial Aquarium Rock

understanding text - Do you have an artificial aquarium rock? Well understanding text make this topics as example of procedure text. Making an artificial aquarium rock is actually very easy. Besides after learning this steps, you actually has completely learned an example of procedure text about how to. Here we go the sample.

Making our own rocks for aquarium is a fun and easy activity. The price we need is also quite cheap and moreover, we can get the design we wanted. When we want to make aquarium rock, it is suggested to use non-toxic materials. Artificial aquarium rock is also easy to make using specific instructions below.

The first thing we need to prepare is Portland cement that can be found at most hardware stores. Then, we need to mix three parts of fine gravel or play sand with one part cement together. We have to mix those materials into a ball. To make a coral reef rock, we need to add additional fine gravel to the mixture.

Place the rock mold mixture into a container. We need to make a hole that will make it sinks underwater. Plastic or rubber molds can be used if we want to create a specific rock shape. Let the mixture harden for at least 6 weeks.

If we want to have a specific color, we can paint the artificial rock when it has hardened. It is suggested to use a non-toxic paint for the fish safety. Before we put the rock in the aquarium, we have to make sure that there are no excess paint or ingredient chemicals by placing the rock in a child’s pool or bathtub for some minutes.

That's the complete steps to make an artificial aquarium rock. This instruction is a procedure text which is like other samples, how to make an beautiful handkerchief easily, is written in imperative sentences. Do you know how to write an imperative sentence in English. That is easy, right? Happy learning English Online

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