Procedure Text: How to Cook Omelet

This is a complete instruction text. what I mean with "complete" is all procedural or instructional text are organized in 3 main elements. There are a goal, material or utensils, and series of steps.

Getting understanding on what is English procedure text can be about how to use like electrical equipment, how to make like steps to make kites, and how to cook like recipe of omelet. Mostly procedure text are written in imperative sentences or prohibition.

“How to cook” text is characterized by the detail of the ingredients needed at the beginning and continued by cooking direction. The following is example of procedure text about how to cook omelet.

How to Cook Omelet
Here is the best omelet recipe. What we need and how to cook are shown you below

1.    1 egg
2.    1-tablespoon milk
3.    A pinch of salt
4.    A pinch of powdered pepper
5.    1-tablespoon vegetable oil

Cooking direction:
•    Crack the egg into a bowl.
•    Put milk, salt, and pepper to the egg.
•    Beat the egg until mixed perfectly using a whisk or fork
•    Heat the pan on the stove over medium heat.
•    Spread vegetable oil on the surface of the pan.
•    Pour the egg on the pan and wait until the egg half cooked.
•    Fold the egg into half round and flip it.
•    Wait until the egg fully cooked. Flip if needed.
•    Take the omelet out of the pan and put it on the plate.
•    Serve omelet immediately

1.    You can add various ingredients to the egg mix such as onion, mushroom, vegetable, smoked beef, cheese, etc., to create different taste.
2.    You can substitute vegetable oil with other oil or butter.
3.    Milk will make the texture smooth. If you do not have milk or do not like milk, you can substitute it with 1-teaspoon of water.

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