Procedure Text: How to Cook Fried Rice Easily

Besides how to make and how to use text, an instruction on how to cook is best sample for learning and understanding the definition of procedure text. Here you can learn English text types as well as cooking recipe for a delicious fried rice.

How to Cook Very Easy Fried Rice
Fried rice is easy to cook and become tasteful solution when you do not have much time to prepare your meal. Here is the step by step instruction to cook very easy fried rice.

1.    1 plate serving cooked rice
2.    1 egg
3.    2 meatballs (cut thinly)
4.    1-clove garlic (minced)
5.    1-clove shallot (minced)
6.    2 red chilly (more or less as you like it - minced)
7.    1 green onion (cut thinly)
8.    3-tablespoon sweet soy sauce
9.    2-tablespoon vegetable oil
10.    Salt

How to Cook:
•    Heat frying pan and put oil.
•    Put garlic, onion, and red chilly until smell come out.
•    Crack egg and scramble it.
•    Add meatballs and green onion. Stir it.
•    Add rice and mix well.
•    Add soy sauce and salt. Mix well.
•    Taste a bit to know whether the salt is enough or not.
•    Cook the fried rice for about 5 minutes and stir occasionally.
•    Turn off the heat and put the fried rice on the plate.
•    Serve fried rice with sliced cucumber and tomato.

Note: instead of scramble the egg with the rice, you can cook the egg separately into sunny upside or omelet and serve it on the top of fried rice. You can add more ingredients such as vegetables or meat.

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