Procedure Text: How to Cook Chicken Vegetable Stew

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How to Cook Chicken Vegetable Stew
Chicken vegetable stew is best to warm your body in cold day. It is actually easy to cook. Here is how to cook it.

1.    1-pound chicken (any part as you like, cut into small pieces)
2.    2-ounce carrot (cut into small blocks)
3.    2-ounce broccoli (cut into small pieces)
4.    2-ounce potato (cut into small blocks)
5.    1-ounce cabbage (cut into small pieces)
6.    1-pc green onion (sliced)
7.    1-pc celery (minced)
8.    1-pc onion (minced)
9.    4-clove garlic (minced)
10.    Half tomato (cut into block)
11.    Powdered pepper
12.    Salt
13.    2-liters water
14.    2-tablespoon Vegetable oil

Cooking Directions:
•    Boil water in the pot.
•    Add a little garlic, pepper, and salt to the boiling water.
•    Add chicken and let it cook for about 5 minutes.
•    In separate stove, heat vegetable oil in small pan.
•    Sauté garlic and onion until the smell come out and add tomato.
•    Transfer the onions to the boiling chicken.
•    Add potato and carrot. Let it boil.
•    Add broccoli and cabbage. Let it boil.
•    Taste the broth and add more salt and pepper to your taste.
•    Turn off the heat. Add green onion and celery.
•    Serve chicken stew on a bowl while hot.

Note: You can serve chicken stew alone or with rice or with roasted bread.

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