Procedure Text Example, How to Use an Ink Printer

A text of how to use is one type of procedure text, which explains how to operate or simply use an equipment in systematical way. In “how to use” text, the type of the equipment is usually described specifically because similar equipment with different type may have different procedure to use it.

Below is the example of “how to use ink printer”, not all printers, but specifically printer using ink. Remember a procedure text is written in imperative sentences so you have to be very familiar with such imperative and prohibitive sentences.

How to Use an Ink Printer
• Install printer’s driver on the PC
• Connect the printer to PC via USB
• Plug in printer’s power cord.
• Turn on the printer by pressing power button
• Check whether the printer has been connected to the PC
• Check ink level of each cartridge
• Put paper on the printer according to printer guidance
• Open printer properties on the PC and run printing test.
• Once the test run without problem, you can start to print the document or photo you want by pressing the printing button.
• You can change printer setting from printing menu
• Perform printer maintenance at least once a month to prevent clog

Note: Commonly, ink printer is refillable. You can refill the cartridge using specific refill ink that recommended by printer manufacturer. For color cartridge, make sure you refill the color ink correctly.

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