Narrative Text Legend: The Dragon’s Daughter

As we stated before that the form narrative text can be a fable, fairy tale, folktale, myth, and legend like this story. Legend is a story which people commonly believe and has relate to a place name. That it is the story behind Pulau Banyak. Here is the legend story!

The Dragon’s Daughter - The legend Story of Pulau Banyak
Based on legend, there were a couple of dragon lived in Teluk, which today known as Tapaktuan. The king exiled them there because they did not have children. Day and night, the dragon prayed. Finally, God gave them a baby they had expected for so many years by sending a cute baby through the river. The dragon called the baby Putri Bungsu.

The dragons loved the baby so much. Year by year pass through and PutriBungsu had grown up as a beautiful young girl. One day, there were a man and woman showed up and met the dragon. They were coming from Asranaloka kingdom. They said that they are looking for a girl who lost about 17 years ago.

The human couple knew that PutriBungsu was their baby, so they asked the dragon to give her back. Because the dragon also loved her, and they had adopted her as their daughter, they did want to give what the couple wanted. The dragon and the man fought before a priest, named Tuan Tapa showed up. The priest asked the dragon to let the girl back to her family.

Once again, the dragon refused to do it. He then fought with Tuan Tapa. Tuan Tapa killed the male dragon and the girl was taken and returned to her family. The female dragon run to China and destroyed anything she found. She even separated an island into two parts. Now a days, the island known as Pulau Dua. She also destroyed a big island into 99 pieces, which today known as Pulau Banyak.

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