Narrative Text Legend: The Crying Stone

Telling story with such interesting legend story surely attracts many readers. That's is the power of story telling. We have a huge list of story to learn what and how narrative text is. Narrative text is defined differently from other story genres like spoof text, recount text, or news item text. Most of the story genres do not explore any complication among the participants.

In the other hand, complication becomes the main element of narrative story. In this way then narrative text is best to take as telling story. So if you will attend a telling story competition, simply take one of the best narrative text in the form of legend.

The Crying Stone -Example of Narrative Text Legend
Once upon a time, in a small village in Borneo Island, there lived a mother and her daughter. The daughter was popular among villagers because of her beautiful face but she has a bad behavior. She always spent her time in front of the mirror to admire her beautiful face. She never helped her mother to fulfill their daily needs. The daughter always made her mother sad. However, the mother still loved her very much.

One day, the girl asked her mother to buy her a new gown. The mother refused it because she had no money. Because the mother loved her daughter so much, she finally bought her a new gown.

Both went to the market. But the daughter asked her mother to walk behind because she was embarrassed if people saw them together. Once again, because of her love, the mother obeyed the daughter’s request.

Along the way home, the daughter still walked in front of her mother. People passing asked about the woman behind her. The daughter answer that she was not her mother but her servant. The mother kept silent. But inside her deep heart, she prayed to the God to punish her daughter. Suddenly, her daughter’s legs turned into stone. The daughter realized that it was because she had hurt her mother’s feeling. She begged to her mother to forgive but it was too late. Slowly, her body also turned into stone. Though the daughter had become a stone, but the tears were still seen, which was why the stone was called Batu Menangis.

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