Recount Text Historical Event: Japanese Occupation in Indonesia

Learning English with historical topic note is the best way to understand what and how recount text is. The note of historical event is written with facts of event that actually occurred in the past. The event is something important for the country or the world. Commonly, the story is involving the exact or predicted time of the event with several proofs of the event. Example of historical event story is the following.

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Now let's see the following history note, the occupation of Japanese in Indonesia before Indonesia Proclaimed the independence.

Short Recounting Japanese Occupation in Indonesia
Japanese occupation in Indonesia happened within year 1942 until 1945, during the World War II. Japanese invasion in Indonesia started in December 1941 but Japan was defeated the Dutch completely in March 1942.

During Japanese occupation, many Indonesian people were tortured and experienced slavery, arbitrary arrest, sex slavery, execution, and many other war crimes. Many people were forced to be labors that called romusha. Most romusha suffered for starvation and illness that leaded them to death.

Japan organized a committee for Indonesia independence in March 1945 and promised to give independence to Indonesia at August in the same year. Nevertheless, before Japan could fulfill the promise, Japan surrendered to US after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To take the momentum of no one ruling the country, Indonesia proclaimed the independence on 17th of August 1945. That was the ending of Japanese occupation, which reported to have killed four million Indonesian people during the period.

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