Recount Text Historical Event: General Offensive of 1 March

Giving you the example of recount text about the history of Youth Pledge leads to another historical event. This is the history note on General Offensive of March 1. As it happended in 1948, recaounting it use simple past tense. Referring the definition of recount text, it has past tense usage as one of lanuage feature. Below is the recount text sample which is orgainized through orientation, series of event and optionally reorientation.

General Offensive of 1 March as Recount Text
Serangan Umum 1 Maret 1949 or General Offensive of 1 March was one of the most historical moments for Indonesia. The Dutch started a military offensive on 19 December 1948 to Indonesia as the result of failed negotiations with the republic.

19 December 1948, the Dutch army entered Jogjakarta, which was the temporary capital of the republic. By the end of December, almost all cities in Sumatra and Java were conquered by the Dutch. All ministers, president and vice president were captured and exiled to Bangka Island. However, the republican military in Jogjakarta and Surakarta refused to give up. They continued to wage a guerilla war.

Hamengkubuwono IX, the sultan of Jogjakarta planned a major offensive against the Dutch army in the city of Jogjakarta. The attack was aimed to show to the world that the republic still existed and did not surrender under the Dutch. General Sudirman, the leader of Indonesian army accepted the idea. In February, Sultan held a meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Suharto in Jogjakarta. He was the man who was appointed by Sudirman to lead the attack.

On 1 March 1949, at 6 am, the republican troops led by Suharto launched the general offensive. The Dutch surprised and they were not ready to face such massive attack. For 6 hours, Jogjakarta was controlled by the Indonesia army. The attack brought a huge success because the world finally knew that the republic was still existed.

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