Recount Text Historical Event: Bandung Sea of Fire

Learning English text in high schools covers 13 kinds of text. One of them is recount. One  topic commonly used to write a recount text is historical event. For this sub discussion we have an example of recount text with the tittle of Bandung Sea of Fire.

This text sample is given to complete the collection of recount text in historical events. As stated many time in this blog for learning English text, that recount text can be written in several topics, some of them are personal experience, historical event, holiday vacations, short biography of famous persons, and other topics recounting past experiences.

Bandung Sea of Fire As Example of Recount Text
The Bandung Sea of Fire or Bandung Lautan Api was a historical moment for Indonesian independence. It was the intentional burning of much of the southern side of Bandung during the Indonesia national revolution. The British commander gave an ultimatum to the Indonesian troops to leave Bandung. The troops responded differently. They mobilized people to burn the southern part of Bandung as they left on March, 24 1946. Houses and buildings was burned deliberately created a horrified scheme. The event came to be known as Bandung Sea of Fire or Bandung Lautan Api. Hundreds of Indonesian nationalists were singing Halo – Halo Bandung to show that they were proud of what they have done.

In March 1946, a member of Indonesia militia, Mohammad Toha, during the evacuations smuggled dynamite leaved by Japanese and Dutch troops. The dynamite was smuggled into the Dutch military headquarters in Dayeuh Kolot region. Toha detonated the dynamite in warehouse. He killed himself with several Japanese and Dutch troops. The explosion of the dynamite created a small lake in the area. The name of Mohammad Toha then used for the main street in Dayeuh Kolot.

The Bandung Sea of Fire showed us that Indonesia combatants were very loyal to the country. They did not want to leave anything for the colonial and British army. The event was a great example of how Indonesian would sacrifice everything to reach their goal.

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