Procedure Text How to Wear Swimming Goggle

This is an example of a procedure text how to wear. As we know that this instruction text can be how to use such as how to use washing machine, how to cook such as how to cook porridge, how to make such as how to make kites, and this sample how to wear text. Some procedure text do not use all 3 elements in the generic structure. The structure is stating goal, mentioning the material, and showing the steps.

For procedure text how to wear, one of this element is usually omitted as it is unnecessary to mention it. The omitted structure is mentioning material. It is different from procedure text how to make such as how to make handkerchief. Mentioning the material is extremely important. Let's see the following sample

How to Wear Swimming Goggle as Procedure Text Sample
Having longer time in the swimming pool will cause irritation to eyes because the water contains chlorine. With goggles, the eyes will be protected and you will be able to see clearly under the water. However, it is important to make sure that you are using the right goggle before jumping into the water.

You have to buy swimming goggle with the right size. Hold the swimming goggle against eyes and pull the elastic band over the top you the head. Place the band just about your ears. Adjust the elastic band using the buckles. If you want a smaller size, you just need to pull the buckles tight. If it was too tight, you can lose you just have to lose the band to make it longer. Try once again the swimming goggle with the new adjusted band. Make sure that it gives you the comfort you needed. Last, place the swimming goggle on over your eyes. Pull the elastic band to set its position. Set the swimming goggle position in your face to make sure that it gives the right tight.

Now, you are ready to jump into the water. You do not have to be afraid of irritation because your eyes have been protected by the swimming goggle.

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