Procedure Text How to Wear Kebaya

Completing last procedure text how to wear swimming goggle, now we give you an instruction text how to wear traditional clothes kebaya. Though it is a traditional dress, wearing kebaya will make you look very elegant and beautiful.
Kebaya is a traditional dress which become formal dressing code in many occasion especially in government, business occasion, and school events. The instruction oh how to wear it is the best example for learning a procedure text in English. Here it is!

How to wear procedure text is procedure text about how to wear specific wardrobe. It commonly completed with how to pair the clothing with another pieces of clothing and tips to choose the right shoes, makeup, accessories, and hairdo that match the wardrobe. Below is the example of text about how to wear Indonesian traditional women wardrobe, kebaya.

How to Wear Kebaya as Procedure Text Sample
•    When you wear kebaya, you need to pay attention to the undergarment. To create the best look, kebaya is supposed to wear with corset under it. Choose corset that match the color of the kebaya.
•    Commonly, kebaya is to be wear with batik skirt. However, in the semiformal or casual occasion, you can pair kebaya with pant.
•    Choose makeup and accessories that could create balance with the design of kebaya and the occasion.
•    Commonly, up hairdo or Indonesian people called it sanggul is the choice when you wear kebaya to create formal look. For semiformal or casual occasion, you can choose any hairdo that could make you look beautiful.
•    For the shoes, high heels or traditional sandals named “selop” are choice for kebaya. Flat shoes and sleepers are not recommended because it will create weird appearance.
•    For the bag, the choice is clutch. Handbag, tote bag, and sling bag are only suitable for casual kebaya.

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