Procedure Text How to Wear High Heels Correctly

Besides procedure text how to wear kebaya as traditional clothes, now we learn a procedure text how to wear  high heels. Do you like wearing high heels? How do you wear them. Here is the instruction to wear high heel correctly as well as learn English procedure text.

How to Wear High Heels Correctly as Procedure Text
High heels are beautiful and sexy but it could harm your feet and back if you do not wear it right. Below is instruction to wear high heels right.
•    Make sure you wear the right size. Too small size will give too much pressure to your feet and make your feet hurt while too big size will trouble your balance.
•    In order to prevent scratch on your skin, wear stocking with your high heels.
•    Do not stand continuously more than half hour while wearing your high heels. You need resting between standing. Sit for at least 10 minutes to rest your feet before you stand again. It would be better if you take off your high heels for a while to give full rest to your feet.
•    Do not lift heavy stuff while wearing high heels because it could put too much pressure on your spine.
•    Do not run with high heels. Walk carefully and ensure you get the balance.
•    If you feel too much stress or pain on your feet or your back, immediately take off the heels and rest your body. Do not wear high heels again until the pain is gone completely. If you insist to wear high heels when your feet or back is in pain, it could lead to severe injury.

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