Procedure Text How to Wear Diving Watch While Diving

Last time we have give you an example of procedure text how to wear high heels. Now we are learning another example of procedure text how to wear diving watch. Do you like extreme sport? Have you ever got diving. How do you fee when you are getting diving? Do you wear a diving watch. Here is the instruction to wear it correctly!

How to Wear Diving Watch While Diving as Example of Procedure or Instruction Text
Diving watch is designed with waterproof and corrosion-proof quality to withstand seawater. However, every device has limitation when they can work best. The following is a guideline to wear diving watch when you dive.
•    Check specification on the watch to know how deep you can go underwater. Each watch has different ability to withstand water pressure so make sure you check it out. Do not dive more than the maximum depth.
•    Each watch has different function. Check it out to know what your watch can do.
•    Check the strap and make sure no broken part on it.
•    Check the functions, including time reading, bezel, and light.
•    Wear the watch on your wrist properly and comfortably.
•    Before you go into water, turn the bezel until the “zero” number is on the opposite of the minutes hand to know elapsed time.
•    While diving, use the functions you need.
•    After you finish diving, take off the watch.
•    Clean your watch under running water to get rid the remaining seawater and possible minerals stick in the watch. If needed, you may use soft bush to get rid stubborn dirt that may stick on your watch while you diving.
•    Once you finish cleaning, dry the watch using soft cloth or tissue.
•    You can wear your watch again after you clean your wrist or you can store it at clean and dry place.

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