Procedure Text How to Wear Belt Nicely

Like other procedure text how to wear, such as how to wear diving watch, the instruction below is about a procedure to wear a bealt. As stated in the definition of procedure text, most sentences used in any  instruction texts are imperative or prohibition text. So there should be realized that understanding a procedure text need  good understanding on imperative and prohibitive sentences.

For most men, belt is a very important part of formal and semi-formal dress codes. It is also an essential fashion accessory for style. There are so many types of men’s belts in the market.  However, the most important thing actually is the way we wear it because if we do not use it properly then we will be unable to appear perfectly.

Instruction on How to Wear Belt as Example of Procedure text
Before wearing belt, it is better to identify the occasion. Semi-formal to formal occasion will always need a belt. For such occasion, the best option is wearing leather. For casual or daily wear, it is better to choose belt that is made from cloth or other casual material. For semi-formal to formal occasion, it is suggested to wear leather or other classy materials.

Choose the right color. For dark colored pant, the best color is black. For khaki and other variety of brown, we can wear a brown belt. If we wear jeans, we can choose any color since denim is a general material. Try to match the color and do not bring a contrast combination.

We have to make sure that the belt we wear is wrapped perfectly through all belt loops. Secure the belt by placing the belt tail end into the buckle and secure it with fastener.

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