Procedure Text How to Clean Swimming Goggle

The previous English text how to wear swimming goggle showed you an example of procedure text how to wear. Now we are learning a procedure text how to clean. We start it with the instruction to clean swimming goggle correctly. Why should we clean our sport equipment like swimming goggle?

Sweat, salt water and chlorine are some elements that can stick to the swimming goggles and make them dirty. You have to know that the debris can easily damage the lenses and affect your vision under water. That is why; cleaning the swimming goggles correctly after you use it is something important to do. It helps you find a clear vision under water as well as preserves the life of the swimming goggle.

Steps to Clean Swimming Goggle Correctly as Example of Procedure Text
There are two methods you can use to clean swimming goggle, which are:
Method 1 using cold water: Using cold water to clean your swimming goggle is the best method. It does not spend too much time, because your swimming goggle can be cleaned within just 3 minutes. If you wash your swimming goggle after you use it, it helps prevent residue buildup, especially from chlorine and salt water. When washing the goggle, do not use detergent or soap because those substances can damage the lenses and make it foggy. Touch the lenses smoothly to make sure that the anti-fog coating does not rub-off.
Method 2 use dry cleaning: Before you store the swimming goggle, you have to dry it thoroughly. If you keep it wet and then store it, it can lead to bacteria and mold to grow. Lay the goggle on a clean dry towel. Do not put it under the direct sunlight because it can damage the plastic or the elastic band. Store the goggle in a protective case.

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