News Item Text with Generic Structure: Man With Driver License Suspensions Arrested

News item text is one of the 13 types of text that must be learned by students in high school when learning English. The news text is written to publicize the event per day around us.

How to compose the text of this news is a reference to the paragraph structure. Paragraph 1 typically contains a headline or core of the news, this is called NEWSWORTHY EVENT. Paragraphs 2 and so-called BACKGROUND EVENT where explains the background or the background of the NEWSWORTHY EVENT. text of this news item is usually covered with a paragraph that contains information on where news is known, these elements are called SOURCE. To understand how a prepared text of this news, we see the following example


A Man With Driver License Suspensions Arrested
A man was arrested by Nassau County police on Monday night. He was accused of driving his car with the driver’s license suspensions.
The man who is from Long Island was arrested after police pulled him over for defecting a brake light. The police checked the ma's DMV record and noticed that  he had driver's license suspensions. He was driving illegally. With suspended driver's license, it meant that the man had not a valid license and could not legally drive his vehicle.
A spokesman of The DMV said that Williams did not have his valid license in New York, but he continued to drive.

Note on Generic Structure of News Item Text
Mostly news item text have important structural elements. They are:

1. Newsworthy event: There was a man who was arrested by police
2. Background Event: The man was from Long Island He was arrested by police because of breaking stop light The man was illegally drove his car as he has license suspended
3. Source: The statement from DMV spokesman, the man did not valid license to drive in New York. However he keep driving

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