Example of Narrative Text: The Legend of Rainbow

Now let's read a beautiful, heart breaking love story, the legend of rainbow. It is a legend which can be labelled as a narrative text example due to the way of paragraph's structure is organized. Every story seems to be a narrative text. It has the generic structure of Orientation, complication, resolution and optional re-orientation and coda elements. Take a look on the following legend, the story of rainbow. Though there are some versions, this is the famous one.

The legend of Rainbow - Narrative Text Example
the legend of rainbow as example of narrative text
A long time ago, there was a farmer. He had a small farm. One day he found that a wall which he had built on previous days was getting knocked down. The farmer did not know who or what made it. Because he felt tired of this happening the farmer decided to catch who should be responsible.

One evening, while the farmer was in guard he heard something strange near that wall, then he ran to find out who or what it was. It was surprising him because there were three star maidens there. When they saw the farmer was approaching, they tried to escape. Two of the star maidens could run and escape but one of them was left behind.

The farmer then caught the star maiden. She was beautiful and soon the farmer felt in love with her. Because he was afraid that the star maiden would run away, the farmer hid her magical wings so she could not fly anymore. the farmer and the star maiden got married.

Time went by they live together and got a beautiful baby boy. They lived happily for a long time, until one day, the star maiden found her magical wings near their house. She wore her wings back and flew with her son next to her. The farmer was alone and heart broken.

The gods saw the tears of the farmer. They felt pity of him so they decided to build a bridge of different colors for him to climb to the sky and see his son and wife.

That is one example of popular legend completing the previous narrative text stories. Hopefully it make us enjoy reading story and be happy learning English text.
Illustrated image for this narrative text in the legend of rainbow: © Copyright Rod Trevaskus and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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