Recount Text Historical Event: The Youth Pledge

Besides personal experiences and short biography of famous person, the topic of recount text can be a historical event. Here we get an example recount text about one of historical events in Indonesia. It is about the heroic Youth Pledge. How can a history note be labelled as recount text? What is the reason behind it? Learn the following historical note on the Youth Pledge and you will understand well about recount text and its structure, for those reasons, a historical event conforms with.

The Youth Pledge
Sumpah Pemuda or the Youth Pledge on 28 October 1928 was a declaration made by young Indonesian nationalists. This declaration was proclaimed in the Second Youth Congress. There are three points covered in the declaration, which are one motherland, one nation and one language.

The first Indonesia Youth Congress was held in 1926. It was held in Batavia, which was the capital of the Dutch East Indies. In the first congress, there were no formal decisions made but it promoted the idea of a united country.

The second congress was held in October 1928. This congress was held at three locations. The first session was held to inspire the feeling of unity. The second session discussed about education and the third or the final session participants heard for the first time Indonesia national anthem created by Wage Rudolf Supratman. The third session closed with a youth pledge reading.

At that time, the Youth Pledge was used for boosting the Indonesia army’s spirit. With the unity of the young nationalists, the Indonesian independence fighters got more motivation to fight against the colonialists. Up to today, the date when the youth pledge was made is still remembered and celebrated. Many historians said that the Youth Pledge and the youth congress are one of the most important moments for Indonesia.

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