Procedure Text How to Clean Kitchen Sink

After learning the procedure how to clean the wood floor, now we learn the instruction text how to maintain an clean kitchen sink. Most of houses have this kitchen sink. Highly used every day, kitchen sink is very easy being stained. Oil, fat, grease, and gunk mark the surface. Bacteria and germ make things worse. It is needed to clean regularly to keep this place safe and healthy. Here is the  correct method to do that.

How to Clean Kitchen Sink as Example of Procedure Text
Things You Need
1.    Eraser type sponge
2.    All-purpose cleaner – spray type
3.    Baking soda
4.    Bleach
5.    Warm water
6.    Soft cloth

•    Spray all-purpose cleaner to the entire surface of the sink. Wipe the sink thoroughly with eraser-type sponge then rinse. If the splotches stubbornly stay in the sink, you need to redo. If it not successful, mix backing soda with warm water to get rid extra-stubborn spots. Backing soda is also good to get rid odor.
•    Once you finish the cleaning, continue it with sanitizing. Plug the drain and pour warm water to fill the basin. Take 2 tablespoon of bleach and mix it to the water. Let the solution sit for 10 minutes or more. While waiting, dip in sponge to the bleach solution and use it to sanitize faucets and handles. After 10 minutes, drain your basin and rinse it with water. Dry the sink, faucets, and handles using soft cloth.
•    For stainless still sink, you may see annoying scratches all around. To get rid those scratches, used powdered stainless steel cleanser and sponge. In order to prevent grime in the future, you can use mineral oil to coat the surface.

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