Procedure text How to Clean CD player

We start learning procedure text how to clean with the instruction to clean a wood floor. Now continue with another example of procedure text. The topic is the method to clean CD Player. Do you have this digital device in your house? If you have, you need to know how to maintain and clean it

If we have CD player and it starts missing some tracks, maybe its lens head gets dirty. If the CD player is front-loaded, we can clean its lens head using a cleaning disc. We do not have to buy it because cleaning disc can be made easily. We must know that the dirt not just come from the discs but also enters from the front side of the CD player, so we also need to clean it.

How to Clean CD player as Procedure text in English Learning
To clean the front housing, we need to remove the CD and turn the stereo system off. Blow any dust off by spraying compressed air across the front of the player. Focus on the CD opening. To remove any grime that cannot be blew off with air, we have to use a clean washcloth.

To clean the lens head, we need to use non-scratch wipe. Cut it into two strips with length ¼ of an inch. Take a blank clean disc. Draw a thin line of adhesive on the shiny side using superglue pen. The direction is from the outer edge to the inner edge of the disc. Do the same thing to the other side.

Put the pads to the superglue. Place the pads carefully. The flaps will work as a brush that will clean the lens head. Turn the player on and insert the cleaning disc. Let the player spins the disc around for a few minutes. Eject and repeat the process three times.

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