Procedure Text How to Clean Car Interior Fast

Continuing another sample for procedure text how to clean, now we give you a fast instruction on how to clean your car easily by your self. This type of instruction is labeled as procedure text when you learn English especially in high schools.

How to Clean Car Interior Fast as Procedure text
Car interior should be cleaned regularly to maintain cleanness, freshness, and healthiness inside the car. In order to save time, here is how to clean your car interior fast.

•    Take off the carpet from your car
•    Wash the carpet using carpet cleaner or detergent solution.
•    Dry off the carpet
•    While waiting your carpet to dry, clean the interior.
•    Get rid all trashes from your car, including inside the storage.
•    Using vacuum cleaner, get rid all debris from the seat, under the seat, the ceiling, and every corner of the interior.
•    If you have fabric seats, use brush head on your vacuum cleaner to clean the seats.
•    If your fabric seats stained, use damped cloth and toothbrush to clean it. Dry it using hair dryer
•    If you have leather seats, use leather cleaner and soft cloth to clean the seat.
•    Using damped soft cloth, wipe clean the dashboard, steer wheel, the door, and window.
•    Open all doors to let fresh air get by the interior and the interior completely dry.
•    After the carpet dry, put it back to the car.
•    Check your car perfume. If it runs out, replace it with new one. If you use spray perfume, spray it to the interior to give fresh smell inside.
•    Close the doors and lock it.

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