Example of News Item in " Picking up Hostages from Somali Pirate"

News item text is to tell the daily newsworthy. It is structured in: Event, Background event / Elaboration and Source. The following text is an example of news item.

Indonesia to Pick up Hostages from Somali Pirate
JAKARTA – Indonesia has deployed troops to the seas off Somalia to pick up its 20 sailors held hostage by pirates once the negotiations for their release are finalised, according to an official.

"The Indonesian military has sent troops to Somalia on March 23 to pick up our people and bring them home if necessary," Coordinating Ministry of Political, Security and Legal Affairs spokesman Sagom Tamboen told. "The carrier can still be hijacked once they are released," he said.

Tamboen said Jakarta sent two frigates with about 400 marines and army personnel to waters off the east coast of Africa.
Note: This example of news item text is taken from: news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110416/wl_asia_afp/indonesiapiracysomalia

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