Recount Text in Monolog - Biography of Jenny

Recount text is a kind of English text that is frequently used to tell a story of one's life journey. Basically, recount text is any text that explores the events experienced by a person (without a lot of exploring problems or conflict in the incident). Because the emphasis is on events that occurred or personal experience traversed by someone then that is a good understanding of the text recount must be equipped with the knowledge of simple past tense was good as well.

Example recount text is mostly in the form of essays, but actually if you look at the competence of English, then this recount text form can also be a monologue as a listening exercise (if supplied MP3nya audio files) or as an ingredient to learn speaking. Well for those who are looking for example recount text in the form of a monologue, here is the example!
Hello, I'm Jenny. I am Tim's wife. We have been married for almost eleven years. I met Tim when we were both at university. I studied physics while Tim studied business management. We graduated from Cardiff University in 1989 and went to live in Birmingham. We got married in 1993 at Lincoln cathedral. i took a one-year post-graduate teaching course, then got a job teaching high school science at Lincoln.

We moved to Nottingham in 1996 where Lisa was born. I remember that she was a very fat baby, but a happy one! My mum helped us with looking after the baby in the first year, before she had to go into the nursing home in Manchester. She wanted to move to a home in Manchester Because that is where my two older sisters and their families live. Often we go to visit - when I can get Tim to drive us up there! i do not drive. i took some lessons when I was a student in Cardiff but i found driving on the roads quite frightening and Gave up! Perhaps one day I will try again.

About two years after we had Lisa, James was born. He was born at St. Patrick's hospital in Nottingham. It seems like it was only last week. I can not believe he's already at school.

Why English monologue above can be considered a form of recount text? How to test a written form of the easiest is to look at the composition of the paragraphs in forming a unified whole text.

Recount his text-based generic structure will always consist of a pattern of arranging a paragraph referring to the Orientation, Events, and closed with Re-orientation. For more details, you  can read my previous article what is recount in order to compare between this kind of text and other forms.

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