Recount text History: Reformation of Indonesia

Here is another example of writing a recount text should be based on the true story. Because this topic happened in the past, then the paragraph structure should be composed in past tenses. which can be simple past tense, past continuous tense, or past perfect tense.
Reformation of Indonesia as Example of Recount Text
For more than 30 years, Indonesia was governed by Suharto as the president after the era of President Soekarno. As the people started to feel injustice, several cracks emerged that shake politic condition. Political tensions in the capital city increased by the numerous riots occurred in several cities and violent ethnic clashes.

The government became unstable and struggled as monetary crisis hit Asia in the second half of 1997. Indonesia was one of the suffered most. Prices rose massively and many businesses went bankrupts. As the economy fall down, people got angry and protests occurred everywhere. The protests became bigger and riots started in many parts of Indonesia.

During the monetary crisis, Suharto could maintain his position as president when he was re-elected on March 1998. However, Suharto did not do anything that could help the economy. As the government seemed helpless in bringing the economy back, people demanded President Suharto to step down.

Demonstrations were held everywhere and it became the peak with Trisakti incident on 12 May 1998. Four students were shot out to death when demonstrating at Trisakti University at Jakarta and 9 students were killed at Semanggi. The incident leaded huge riots in Jakarta and various cities all over Indonesia. Finally, Suharto was pushed to step down and reformation era begun in Indonesia.

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