Procedure Text How to Install Water Filter on Faucet

Water filters are made for any type of faucet. We can easily install water filter on faucet using some household tools and maybe some minimal plumbing knowledge. There are two types of water filter on the market. Both types are able to bring us purified water.
Procedure Text of How to Install Water Filter on Faucet
To install water filter on faucet, we need to unscrew the drop-down outlet using pliers. If the faucet does not have a drop-down present, we need to make sure if there are internal threads in it.

If there are internal threads on the faucet, we can easily attach the water filter base to the threads. But, if there is a regulator in the faucet, we need to remove it first and insert a drop-down thread before we can attach the filter. It is better to take apart the faucet to find out what we need before we buy the water filter.

Wrap thread seal or pipe tape around the adapter threads and attach it to the head of the faucet. If the faucet has been equipped with external threads present, we do not have to use adapter.

Screw the base of the water filter onto the head of the faucet tightly. Insert the water filter into the base. On many filters, there are lights that work as indicator.

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