Procedure Text How to Install a New Showerhead

We have started giving you procedure text how to install desktop theme for your computer. Now How to Install Text below is the example of procedure text about installing new showerhead in the bathroom. The beginning of the text is the list of tools and material required. The second segment is detail of the procedure using imperative sentences.

How to Install a New Showerhead Easily
Tools and Materials
1.    Showerhead
2.    Teflon tape
3.    Adjustable pliers
4.    Thick cloth

How to Install
•    Stop water supply by turning off the closest valve.
•    Place a thick cloth under the shower area in order to prevent scratch on the floor in case incident happens such as the showerhead or the tool drop.
•    Remove the old showerhead by turning it counterclockwise by hand. If you could not do it by hand, use adjustable pliers.
•    Clean the thread from remaining Teflon tape and rust if any.
•    Wrap the thread using new Teflon tape tightly in clockwise direction for about 3-4 rounds. You need to do it in clockwise direction to prevent the tape from undone when you install new showerhead.
•    Install new showerhead on the thread by turning it clockwise by hand. Fix it using adjustable pliers to the right position.
•    Turn on the valve to let the water flow.
•    Check the showerhead from possibility of leak and check the running water.

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