Procedure Text How to Install Home Theater

Home theater let you enjoy movie at home in similar feeling when you watch it at theater. Below is the instruction to install home theater at your home.

1.    Open the box and check whether all parts are complete, including the cables.
2.    Measure the size of the player and each speaker, including the length of each cable.
3.    Find the proper placement for your home theater while considering the size and cables length. Make sure you place it right so the power cord could reach the AC outlet and the connector cable has enough length to reach the TV. You may need to move some stuffs to free the space.
4.    Place the speakers properly face on the viewers.
5.    Connect all cables to the right socket on the player, speaker, and TV. Check the label on each socket to guide you. Commonly, the head has same color with the socket.
6.    Once everything is connected, plug in the power cord to AC outlet and turn on the home theater. Turn on your TV as well.
7.    Put the disk inside and play it.
8.    Listen to the speakers and make sure each of them sound properly.
9.    Take the remote control and check the function of each button.

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