Procedure Text How to Install Game on Your PC

Game is fun and a good way to release stress. Game is also good to train your brain and reflect. Some games even have educational value for students in different grades. To install game on your PC, follow the direction below.

  1. First, you need game software. You can download it or buy the CD.

  2. Check game specification and make sure your PC support the game, including the OS and other programs needed.

  3. Check game size and make sure you still have enough space on your hard disk.

  4. Run the game to start installation. If you download it, double click on the .exe file or right click and choose “run”. If you use CD, the installation setup window will automatically appear in your screen.

  5. Follow the instruction carefully.

  6. Some games require code and password. Copy them code given when you download the game or type the code given in the CD on the available box. Click “next” to continue.

  7. When you came into license agreement window, you need to check “I agree” box or click on “I agree” button.

  8. Follow the instruction carefully and wait until the game is fully installed on your PC.

  9. Try the game to know whether the game is installed properly.

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