Procedure Text How to Install Desktop Theme

Besides some procedures to cook, use, make, and clean thing for learning English instruction, we also give you a procedure text how to install. Th term installing is commonly very popular as computer user increase rapidly in this decade. Why we have to install thing in our computer?

Expressing creative personalities can be done in various ways, including installing desktop themes for our computer. By personalizing the desktop, you will find a display where all your favorite colors, fonts, sounds and images collected into one screen.

Procedure Text How to Install Desktop Theme Easily
The way to install desktop themes is easy. First you need to go to themes websites to choose desktop theme. You can try some different themes before choosing one that fits with your need. Download the desktop them you want. However, before you download the theme, you need to create a system restore point. When you have choosing the theme, you just need to click the download button. You need to save the downloaded files to a special folder in your desktop. The file will most likely be in a ZIP format. So, you need to use WinZip to extract it.

When the extracting process is finished, click on the setup.exe to start the installation process. Once the installation process is complete, you need to navigate it by clicking Start, Control Panel, Appearance and Theme and then Display. You will find Display properties window appears. Choose “themes” tab. Next, click on the drop down menu, select “Browse”. You will see a button that navigates the place you store the extracted files, which is “Open Themes”. Choose one of the themes you like by clicking “OK”. Now, you have a customized theme.

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