News Item Text withGeneric Structure: Deer Flying Through Bus Window

understanding text helps to learn English, presents one more example of English text news about unique events, strange but true. This text type known by the name NEWS ITEM TEXT (text clippings)

News text in English language learning in the category type narrative text, where the text is intended to preach and retell an event (event). Especially for the text of the news (news item) itself aims reported events that are newsworthy (newsworthy) that occurred in the previous day. Because at the time of writing the text of this news item, the events have occurred around the time before, then mostly a news item in the style of writing, Simple Past tenses. Let's look at the following example!

Deer Flying Through Window Of Moving Bus - Short Example of Odd News Item Text
On Tuesday, a dramatic accident happened when a deer crashed through a bus wind screen in in the Johnstown. The deer was hopping around inside before it stepped off.

The unusual accident happened when a bus was having its routine journey in the area of Pennsylvania. There was only one passenger who was sitting in the back row in the bus.

When it was reported, no one was was injured in the accident. Transport authorities said that the driver of the bus then opened the door and the deer jumped out.

Generic Structure of News Item Text
Now we will discuss the structural pattern to arrange paragraphs of text in English. This pattern in the Glossary text type, called a generic structure. Any pattern drafting a paragraph of text that news item? We see below:
1. Newsworthy events: What and How is the main event? text in the text above the paragraph 1 described as follows: A deer crashed over bus wind screen
2. background event: It is simply supporting the events described in the text proficiency level. Paragraph 2 shows that: The unusual event happened when the bus was moving with one passenger. The deer flew into the bus, hopped around inside and stepped off 3. Source: Every story must have a source, could be the perpetrator of events, witness or authorized persons. In this example clearly mentioned: The authority said that the driver had to open the door of the bus to the make the deer Jumped out

That example text English language news (news item text) unique category, odd, not common but does occur, it is also equipped with a rudimentary analysis of the generic Structure or pattern to arrange paragraphs as example text English news before it becomes a good text. There is a shortage or a mistake, let me know your comment. Come together to learn the English language text. Thank you

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