Example News Item "Maluku Landslide Kills Four People"

This is another example of news item text. What and How is news item text? News item text is a text which tells the daily news. The following is another good example of news item text.
Landslide Kills Four People
Four people died after a landslide in Simirau district in Ambon, Maluku.
According to the Maluku Disaster Mitigation Agency, two other local residents have yet to be found.
Lodi Karual, 30, a local resident whose house was crushed by the landslide said that the incident happened after heavy rains occurred in the area.
Dozens of residents, police, military and Search and Rescue Agency personnel have been looking for the missing residents, although the three meter pile of debris from the landslide made evacuation efforts difficult.
“The search will continue until we can find those two residents who have been buried,” said local official Ibrahim Sangadji as quoted by tribunnews.com
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