Short Example of Spoof Text + Generic Structure "Falling into Well"

Finding a short sample of spoof text is not always easy. We often find a funny story which we suppose a spoof text but we get difficulty to analyze the generic structure to prove it as a spoof text. If you are in such situation, here is a funny story for you

Spoof text: Falling Into a Well
Example of spoof text- falling into a well
There was a man. When he was walking, he fell into a well.

Many people saw the incident so they came to save him. Unfortunately no one could enter the well to bring him out. Later, a smart man came up with a bright idea to throw the man a strong rope to try to pull him out the well.

When the rope reached  and hit the man’s head, he shouted angrily: “Don' bother me! Pick your own well, I am bathing.”

Do you get the point why that short passage can be labeled as a spoof text? Before we are going to go further, Let's see its rough translation to help you to  get better understanding

Spoof Text: Jatuh ke Sumur
Ada seorang laki-laki. Ketika dia sedang berjalan, laki-laki itu tercebur ke dalam sebuah sumur
Banyak orang melihat kejadian tersebut maka meraka mendekat untuk menyelamtkan laki-laki itu. Sayangnya tak satupun yang bisa masuk kedalam sumur itu untuk mengeluarkannya. Kemudian sorang yang cerdas datang dengan ide yang cemerlang untuk mengeluarkan orang itu dari sumur dengan sebuah tali yang kuat.
Ketika tali itu sampai dan menyetuh kepala orang didalm sumur itu, he berkata dengan marah: "Jangan ganggu saya. Pakai sumur kamu sendiri. Saya sedang mandi"

Spoof Text: Generic Structure
Well, What do you think about that story? Is it funny, isn't it? Now let's talk about its generic structure. We have to remember that a text with twisting ending mostly can be labelled as a spoof text. Here we go:
Orientation: A man as main character and the people as supporting one
Events:  People saw the incident. A man has bright idea. He throws a rope into the well. The rope hits the man's head
Twist: "I'm bathing" of the man's answer is really twisting

That's all the story of a man falling into a well. Hope you enjoy reading the spoof text. If you have any comments, let's me know. English is interesting, isn't it?

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